Valentine Day Popularly Known as Valentin’s day is celebrated around the world on 14th February every year, celebrated by couples from all walks of life although a few countries have‘reservations’ on the very idea of celebrating Valentine’s day.

This is celebrated by these people in different ways at different stages of a relationship

Here is an assemblage of Valentine’s Day Ideas for Every Relationship Stage

Romance Stage

  1. Gifting delicacies like heart-shaped confectionaries like Cake Candies Chocolates.

Expressing love and affection emotionally by sending greeting cards, SMS, Emails, Whatsapp Stickers in the age of a digital world.

Going out to a favorite restaurant for dinner with a group of similar age group Friends. (optional)may elderly parents instead of friends to get them involved too romantically themselves would be a great idea, Here is an assemblage of few valentine’s day ideas for every relationship stage, though it can be interchanged between stages.

Valentine’s Day Ideas statushood

A) Going out for dinner/lunch at a popular restaurant.
B) Spending time at the library selecting reading new book launches.
C) Sending Valentine day greeting card. In an era of digital world use of appropriate valentine day messages stickers thru SMS email Whatsapp

A special Valentine’s Day Idea for Every Relationship Stage would be to gift a pre-recorded collection of love songs pre-loaded inan mp3 player or mp4 recorded songs on DVD/cd as per convenience


Power Struggle Stage

Valentine’s Day Ideas statushood

A) Buy Him or Her A Popular Electronic Gadget(Mobile Mp3 player etc Depending On One’s Financial Reach

B) Buy Him A Branded Popular Shaving Kit/Perfume Buy Her A Popular Brand Apparel/Makeup Kit.

Integration STAGE

A unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Every Relationship Stage gifting each other a personalized yet another unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Every Relationship Stage Tshirt pictures of the couple. Like vista prints

Commitment Stage

Agoing Out For Movie/Dinner Together Shopping Together.

Valentine’s Day Ideas statushood


Co-creative Stage

Nail up a personalized door number with a picture of both at apartment door house gate as the case be.

Give up the addictive habit like smoking alcohol on that day For Each Other.

Buy each other insurance plan an exclusive valentine day party with other valentines by decorating your home flat with heart shape balloons pop-ups hart shape cake cutting heart will be the theme of that evening. A unique addition here at this stage will be also to include parents  so that family values are sustained

Valentine’s Day Ideas statushood

The Emotional Impact Of All Of Above Mentioned Ideas Can Only Be Maximized By Surprise Factor Never Give A Hint To Your Spouse/Girlfriend. Let There Be Wow Factor.

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