Pulwama attack

February 14th valentine day was celebrated across the globe but it was a horrifying and sorrowful day for many in India. The when a suicide bomber rammed a explosive laded car in to a convoy of CRPF Jawan’s returning to their base camp from duty an act which killed 42 jawans who had voluntarily chosen a profession of soldiers to protect their countries citizens from external threats met with an ill-fated fate by one of very own citizen who triggered this blast at behest of terror group called Jem an terror organization allegedly supported by army of Pakistan an country  which is synonymous with terror  in the world  42 precious lives for India  for 42 mothers and fathers many brothers sisters  many young woman’s who were widowed many young children’s as young as 5 years old

INDIA UNITED Shouldering Pulwama Martyr’s Families Agony India March Is On

This Act Was Depressing Not Only to Kins of Slain Soldiers but To the Entire Indian Nation

Never had in past emotions had been whipped on incidents like this be it Mumbai attacks, URI attacks or Pathankot incidents. Entire country mourned for families of martyred there was anger across a section of society from north to the south-east to the west there was anger and sense of retribution on the rogue nation called Pakistan. Killings will be avenged and it should be after all these deaths of protector beings should not be in vain also retribution is must act as a deterrence in future.

While pans  are envisaged by the competent authority  the need of hour is shoulder the pain and burden of aggrieved families and kids need to wipe their tears by providing them with reliefs to ride over these difficult period personal tragedy by showing solidarity with through various actions by state  and the society many of these are already actioned ,any more will be followed  for it esteemed duty of state and people of INDIA FOR We will always stand with family of those who martyred for nation: Army

Moving on t fast pace goi has withdrawn MFN (most favoured status) to Pakistan it means suspension ao all relaxation of trade terms and the tariff on import as well as exports. Tariff raised to all imports from Pakistan.

Pulwama attack

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No cultural or bilateral exchanges, people to people contacts, no sporting ties especially hockey and cricket, even not playing against Pakistan at international cricketing events like ICC one day 2019 is contemplated.  Screening of Indian movies at Pakistan cinema theatres suspended. All Pakistani artiste banned by Bollywood film industry goi has raised this issue at un forum. Latest being support of major countries like USA Russia Australia new Zealand even many OPEC countries of gulf has been garnered  by present goi, over and above all this defence ministry has vested enough power to armed forces to deal with situation freely as deemed fit thus enabling forces to eliminate the kingpin of this dastardly act ghazi within a few days of this incident.

While above mentioned is actioned by state  people of India are not left behind in showing camaraderie with martyrs of Pulwama attack as we will always stand with the family of those who martyred for the nation: army

Famous Indian actor Shri Amitabh Bachchan has announced monetary assistance of Rs: 5 lacs for each martyr families. Well, known cricketer, Virender Sehwag has stepped forward by offering free education of those martyr’s children freely at Sehwag international school. While these are assistance by private citizens assistance continues to pour ib of various goi central govt funds as well as few state government of Indian union

Pulwama attack

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In spite of their own problems lion hearted farmers of India are not left behind by their gesture of suspending exports of farm products especially products like tomatoes, onions etc. To inventor of this incident Pakistan. Farmers are willing to bear the loss rather than trade with a rogue nation like Pakistan. All these actions though are economical still are important steps to restore the morale of defence forces of India and families of Pulwama attack|that We will always stand with the family of those who martyred for the nation: Army

While these are initial steps more will follow like a famous quote coming event cast its shadow before. Much before we will get them they will hear us soon enough

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