Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, two-letter word sounds at the time a simple common ailment has caused, millions of manpower hours loss across the globe. It is also the main cause of agony suffered by millions of sports fans due to loss of their favorite team at a popular international sporting events like the Olympics or the Super Bowl, World Cup and likewise events thus transforming two letter simple-worded shoulder pain to a demonic status these pains are normally associated with due to irresponsibly using shoulders for lifting and operating at workplace because inappropriate training wrong postures are taken while doing the task and overuse of particular portion of shoulder in repeatedly performing a task  sportspersons playing sporting game like cricket baseball, badminton tennis volleyball basketball are more prone to this curable ailment shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

The cause

Lack of proper training at the workplace for undertaking the onerous task to be done repeatedly. Inappropriate postures are taken while lifting heavy objects. Sleeping sideways on the shoulder for a long duration.

Sudden jerky movements without adequate warm-up exercise’s

Prevention is better than cure

Always Do Warm Exercise Before Lifting Heavy Weights at the gym

Gymnasium exercises’ advisable to be done under the supervision of an expert trainer. Avoid Sleeping On Shoulder For Long Durations Shift Sides During Night While Sleeping Often To Avoid Spacity Of Shoulder

Shoulder Pain

Manage Shoulder Pain

Avoid overuse of shoulder muscles by giving it rest between sessions to avoid wear and tear.

Wear protective gears to support weights

Avoid sudden jerky movements

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In case of shoulder pains ways to manage shoulder pains

Shoulder Pain

1. It is recommended to visit a qualified medic orthopedic professional to ascertain the extent of the damage.

2. Give the affected joint location a required rest to avoid any further aggravation to avoid and corrective surgery as the case might be.

3. In Case Of Inflammation Apply Hot Or Cold Pack Treatment At Regular Interval As Advised By Medic

4. Mild Passive Exercises at Rehab Under supervision GuidanceofPhysiotherapist. For effective Management of Shoulder Pain

5. Proper pain management like electrotherapy tense treatment AT rehab under supervision Guidance ff

6. Corrective Steps Of Postures By Appropriate Training To Avoid Future Reoccurrences

7. Use of painkillers’ muscle Relaxing medicines as prescribed by medical professional avoid playing doctor by opting for OTC Drugs.

8. Periodic Stretching exercises’ To Achieve Flexibility Of Muscle Tissue For Future Smooth Operations

9. Corrections Of Postures By Trained Occupational Therapist Especially for Those At Place Of work Factories To Avoid Unwanted Injuries

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