Good impression at first date is the key to a successful date. The first date is very special and exciting and everybody wants to make it worth remembering.  Your first date should not be like you regret your whole life but it should be like whenever you remember it makes you smile and feel happy,selection of Beautiful dresses, beautiful places for a date is important but as i previously told good impression is the key to a successful date and for a good impression good behavior is necessary.

good impression at first date statushood

How to behave on your first date.

There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression. How you will behave on your first date will become your impression.

Rules to follow:-

1.Be Yourself – It sounds old but is the truth. The exasperating preparations you do for your first date gives a tendency for people to overdoing things. Being yourself is the summary of all the key points.

Be Yourself good impression statushood

2.Calm Down – You are not giving an interview or asking her hand for marriage, so just calm down and go with the flow.

3.Be on time – It is very important to be punctual. If you are late on your first for any genuine reason then also it can create a bad impression it shows your disinterest in date. So try to be punctual or arrive earlier.

4.(for boys)- Be a Gentleman– Behave like a gentleman. Like opening a car door or pushing the seat for her and asking her if she is comfortable or not if you cannot drop her then book a cab for her.

Be a Gentleman statushood

5.Be Attentive to your date – Girls like those men who listen to what they are saying. so boys you should be a good listener. You should not change the topic conversation list on that topic till you both finished it. Don’t open your mouth until your date stops speaking.

6.Don’t talk about your past relationship – On a first date, it is a common sense that you should not talk about your past relationships it puts bad impression or your date will think you still miss your ex.

7.Do not bring up income in the conversation – Talking about the income on the first date is not cool. it is reserved for the people who are in a relationship.




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