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February 26th2019 will be the day marked in the history of South Asia if not of world the day when 12 jet fighters accompanied by midair refueling aircraft shot off from air bases based at central part of India with one single objective of elimination of master hub of all evil a high powered terrorist camp located deep in Pakistan and few in Pakistan occupied Kashmir a retaliatory as well as preemptive strike at 3 different locations deep in Pakistan in town called balako chaotic and a camp near PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) CAPITAL MUZAFFARABAD.

  • Struck well early in the morning of that day dropping 1000 kg of payloads a precision bombing thus pulverizing few high profile training camps of jem a known terrorist group killing more the 300 highly trained terrorist and few of their commanders. Such was speed and slyness of this strike security establishment of Pakistan were caught napping, in pyjamas for Pakistan air force could not react in spite being in possession of sophisticated much-hyped f16 and few Chinese jets. All that Pakistani officials do was whimper fake new and lies about scrambling of indian jets and accidental drop of payloads which normally does not happen in a normal war like scenario. A clean operation done can be made out by the meticulousness of strike as there were no collateral damages thus reinforcing Indians prime objective clear that of elimination of those terrorists at those launch pad camps. Post operations effect was such devastating that Pakistan went into shock and huddle around occasionally appearing in media whimpering out weak veiled foreboding and dramatics by their few newly elected leaders of new Pakistan government thus exposing themselves. Before proceeding for mop up operation at the scene of actions to create an impression of the insignificance of the event to gratify the people Pakistan. This midnight endeavour by IAF quickly named surgical strike 2.0was welcomed and celebrated by the people of India irrespective of age caste creed race and much importantly of their local political affiliations. For this was much awaited and need of the hour actions taken by the Indian forces against that Agent Provocateur Of Terrorism. This Was Under Able Leadership Of Indian Prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi Who cuts No Corner In showing his will to deal with this epidemic of terrorism globally in spite of few resistance by Pakistani apologist.  By this action and more actions to follow in future, he has walked the talk by restoring the confidence of people to deal with enemies accordingly thus enabling people of india to hold their head high with. Tself esteem in spite of a few political parties still willing to show leniency towards Pakistan. post this strike by IndiaPakistanhas to run for cover seeking support from un oic countries and few more of their friendly nations only to realise that they are absolutely isolated on issue of terror as most of the nations have faced terrorist attacks some time or other the attacks mainly traced to Pakistan origin citizens  now faced with isolation Pakistanis now resorting to fake news and cheap dramatics assisted by their fettered media by creating fake narratives thru fudged visuals and clips to restore parity with india to enthuse their citizens . Although these tactics will not have any negative impact on current leadership and people of india except few disgruntled politicians of marginalized political parties of india who may or are using pak media quotes to score a point on current leadership of narendra modi who is quite remorseless towards people and organization who masquerade threat toward his country and or citizens of his country.India Pakistan border tensions

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  • Repeated act of inflicting damages to lives and properties of India by A ROGUE neighbor has prompted current GOI to take an such an action directly in selected locations of a foreign country after tolerating such nonsense for decades be it a uri attack, pathankot attack, attack on indian parliament, mumbai attacks. Indians have finally responded well with in its own rights and its own style at the time of its choice and place. This has been done by garnering adequate of support of like minded affected countries and un acceptance of the situation post Pulwama incident of crpf killings by jem sponsored terrorist though it has all began with a single strike  at terrorist camps in pakistan. Escalation is in progress at a slow pace with few limited skirmishes at the border by air intrusions and subsequent interceptions.
  • It’s a beginning of decisive waris it going to be an end of pakistan dream of gazwa e hind  or  beginning of india’s desire of akhand bharat will be revealed soon. After all, an aeconomically crumbling destitute country like pakistan has prodded a relaxing and basking 56” chested lion   this strike has boosted the morale of already battle hardened indian armed forces as well  as of peace loving people of india. People had been feeling triumphantly jubilant across india  after all”yeh dil mange more much more”

Go for it India just do it

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