Most important aspect one needs to consider before she proceeds for how to apply makeup perfectly is to ascertain whether her facial skin is oily or dry because stability of foundation to be laid depends on type of skin, if it is too dry a short smooth massage with facial oil is recommended, anyway the process rebegins with moisturizer.




  • Foundation + Concealer, contour kit
  • Bronzer+ Highlighter. …
  • Blush + Cream Blush. …
  • Eyeshadow + Smokey Eye. …
  • Eyeliner + Brow Pencil. …
  • Mascara + Eyelash Curler. …
  • LipColor + Lip Liner.
  • In this fast and furious era of digital world it becomes absolutely important for a person to keep up with pace of competitive world by consistently up keeping health as well as looks,be it a homemaker at the residence habitat or a smart looking executive manager at work when a pretty lady is caught in the constant melee of rush hour and it becomes absolutely challenging to maintain a sustaining looks consistently to remain attention-grabbing fray. here are few tips mentioned on how to apply makeup which can be used selectively a step at a time or whole process for full maker over makeup. ‘challenging the time.

    As the first step of how to apply makeup begins with the application of moisturizer on facing an upper part of neck softly with your fingers in a circular, movement.

    Next step is to proceed to the application of makeup primer for the smooth laying of foundation a later stage. apply the primer in a dabbing movement to allow it to be absorbed into the skin. avoid massaging movements


    While primer is in process of setting proceed in making up eye part of makeup

    Materials used is concealer used to conceal dark patches between eye bros and eye

    Lids, as well as corners point of eye concealer, will also act as eye primer besides concealing dark rings/ patches, apply softly where ever required adequately with damp sponge pitcher to blend d the shade after this process you can powder the eye area with powder to stabilize and set in the concealer giving it a matty look. and avoid creasing.

    Use eye shadow palette shades to match skin tone worn on apparels and to a brighten looks, apply the relevant shade wit brush one mix and match shades to get appropriate shade use right brush to blend in with surrounding skin texture.


    Next step is to use light shade from shade palette by applying it above and below eye brow part to give perfect arch shape to brow.

    Once above steps of a short simple way of how to apply makeup are done start the foundation process by applying foundation cream in required quantity on important spots of the face like cheeks below eye nose bridge upper neck area blend the same with soft sponge blender or brush as per your



    Comfort to blend in avoid over use of foundation to avoid masked look and uneven.begin the process of concealing with concealer to eradicate dark patches blemishes large pores and age spots apply gradually on all identified spots especially below eye area nostril corners as required. use contour kit to get a natural texture  at cheekbone are sideburn cut area and power the contoured spots,

    Post contouring highflier can be used once again this time on facial high spots like cheekbone spots nose bridge area use appropriate tone to blend with applied foundations blend all contour+highliter with blush brush in order to avoid any harsh line bet two processes


    Prepare the eyelash(artificial)by lacing with glue for easy sticking with black or white eyelash glue as desired. let it dry for amoment.after fixing eyelash accordingly.

    Can now process eye brows.pencilings to darken it rich and right shape use well sharpened pencil in quick stroke towards growth direction especially upper part and edges to get a perfect shape.

    Use highlighter above and below eyebrows to further enhance eyebrows, penultimate step ofhow to apply makeup   is to enhance eyelash llooks by using eyeliner at edges and corners of eyes tweaking fake eyelash by using eyelash glues blending  concealers with soft dabber sponge.

    Finally, the last step of the short simple way to apply makeup perfectly step by step is the application of lip liner.

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