Girls Body Parts

Giving Pleasure to a woman and better orgasm is an art and You Need to have best skills knowledge to satisfy a girl properly. If you don’t know how to make ready your girlfriend for having s-x or satisfy her properly. So Don’t worry! here we will tell you about the Secrets girls body parts. if you touch these Girls Body Parts she will definitely ready for S-x without too much convincing her.

Girls Secrets body Parts

1. Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are Considered the best & most sensitive part of the girl body. If you touch your girlfriend’s Inner thighs softly or even massage while giving her oral s-x, till the few moments, after all, she will definitely not able to control her self to involved in s-x with you. Do this activity till the few minutes because it will stimulate the blood-flow of her body, after that she will ask more inner thighs touches & hardcore by you and surely she won’t denied touching her vagina.

Girls Body Parts

2. Lips

The lip skin is also more sensitive part than the other Girls Body Parts. It is a first step to start your Romance. Kissing makes feel good. So Firstly Kiss her lips gently and while kissing her touch & Run your fingers over her mouth. Use your tongue gently to lick her chicks while kissing her.

3. Nipples

Woman Breast Nipples is also the best part to increase her nervousness for satisfying s-x. Try to softly lick or hold her nipples in your mouth and touch and run your tongue on the nipples. By softly touching or licking her nipples by your tongue or hand she can surely reach on high orgasm.


Girls Body Parts

4. Lower back

The Lower back is a very seductive Girls Body Parts. If you touch there that respond positively, Start gently massage her back. Use your thumbs to knead either side of her back.

5. Neck

kissing, breathing, and lip pasturing on the neck of any girl gives goosebumps. Because the skin in this area is thin, it does not take a lot to make it feel good. Side her hairs and start to touch her neck by your fingers after doing it few minutes and after that give her gentle warm kisses on her neck.

Girls Body Parts

6. Ears

When you make excited her by touching or sound on her ears this will feel extra better. kiss her ear or hold in your mouth and massage with your lips will start to nerves her. Take Breathe very gently over the sides of her neck and ears and after that start slowly and softly kiss her ears.

That’s all activity are important before the s-x, do these all activity properly and
do these activities slowly, don’t Fastly. if you do fast she won’t satisfy properly. Cooperate with your partner whereby she should enjoy s-x properly during s-x with you.



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