The world’s second largest country consisting of an area of 9.98 million square kilometres consist of approximately 5.6 million inhabitants that is almost 0.5% of world’s population. The two official languages used by the people out there are:- English and French.

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Quebec, one of the French province of Canada surrounded by Ontario province and James Bay river. It is the largest province by area and second largest administrative division. It being historically linked with the capital of Canada that is Ontario. Considering about the population it is second most populous state in Canada and most of inhabitants are prone to French.


Located in eastern territory of Canada almost equal to three times the size of French and was considered to be part of state Ontario in past. Most of the state is sparsely populated and different from other provinces in terms of resource and land.

The state is rich in natural resources and has one of world’s largest fresh water reserve. Surprisingly it has almost 3% of world’s renewable fresh water although just comprising of world’s only 0.1% population. Consist of more than half a million lakes and 4500 rivers later indulging in Arctic Ocean.

French Canada statushood

Going on the top of Quebec’s highest peak it is 1,652 metres above the sea level and named as Mount Caubvick .

Most populous region of the French Canada Quebec is Saint Lawrence Lowland.


Along with rich homo sapiens population the French territory is also rich in other mammals, reptiles and birds. The wildlife in Quebec consist of while tailed deer, the moose, the muskox, the caribou, the American black bear and the polar bear along with bobcat, the Arctic fox, the eastern wolf etc. The common birds seen are American robin, the house sparrow and the rock pigeon. Snowy owl is regarded as the official bird of Quebec.

French Canada statushood


The official language of Quebec is considered to be French. Almost 78.1% population consider French language to be its sole native language and 80% of them use in daily and local use. The census illustrates that 94.1% of total population is able to speak and understand the official language. But the census also suggest that the state being bilingual and can efficiently use both of the language that is English and French regarded its 42.6% population know both of languages.


Quebec contributes to almost 20% of total GDP of the Canada. Most of its profit is associated with abundant natural resources, well developed infrastructure and average productivity. It is second largest economy in Canada. In the last decade it has gone under a tremendous change making it 37th largest economy in the world.


It is at centre of French speaking culture in North America. Its symbol depicts the distinct perspective. Its culture is mixture of its historic roots with its original heritage and contributions of recent immigrants. A number of government and non-government organisations supports cultural activity in Quebec.

Traditional music is imbued with many traditional dances such as jig and the quadrille developed in the festivities since the age of recent colonisation. Being a metropolitan all type of music can be found in the French territory. It has contributed to some famous texts and literature consisting of travelogues of explorers such as Jacques Cartier and Jean de Brebeuf.

The eateries are as fascinating as its culture, history, heritage and natural resources. The historical context of the cuisine is from the fur trade period and many dishes have a high fat or lard content. The food has many similarities with Acadian cuisine under a strong influence of French and Irish taste. The temps des sucres is one of the oldest of Quebec culinary traditions. The jewish community of Montreal has contributed to the smoked meat as similar as pastrami. The second largest territory has been indulged in cheese and beer industry since colonisations and has been shown a great signs of success. Today almost 300 different cheese and almost 30 type of beer are available here.

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