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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle is the way of living life that reflects the person attitudes or behavior. Lifestyle is very important as it increases the level of energy, helps in reducing depression and improves posture. It is important to increase self-confidence which is a key in making our life successful. There are many ways which lead to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Regular Physical Exercises

Physical exercises are very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Walking, aerobic exercises help in making our lifestyle healthy. Inactive lifestyle leads to reduced energy expenditure.

Healthy Lifestyle

2. Maintaining a healthy weight

A person is considered to be healthy whose body mass index (BMI) is less than 25. A person can become healthy by avoiding fatty food and junk food. Overweight individual are at a higher risk of diseases and have higher mortality rate.

Healthy Lifestyle

3. Healthy eating habits

Eating habit is another important factor to lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food means intake of a proper balance diet, sodium, saturated fat and adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Lifestyle

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4. Limit TV watching

Watching television for a long time is directly proportional to increase in weight which results in a poor lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle

5. Proper sleep

Proper sleep makes individual fresh and energetic which lead to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep affects mood and mental state of a person. Inadequate sleep increases the chances of injuries.

Healthy Lifestyle

6. No smoking

Smoking is very injurious to health. Smoking increases blood pressure which leads to various diseases like cancer and heart stroke.

Healthy Lifestyle

7. Stress management

Stress is the state of being tension arises due to demanding conditions. So, it is important to manage stress by proper breathing exercises and yogic exercises.

Healthy Lifestyle

8. No drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol have negative impact on our body. Addiction of both of them leads to

mood swings, depression and anxiety. To lead a healthy lifestyle you have to avoid drinking alcohol.

Healthy Lifestyle

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