It is a major problem of BMI (Body Mass Index). Weight means which we can’t burn our extra calories or fats during the troubling of PCOS and PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or disease).

How to reduce or lose our weight when we think about it then it is easy for us but in reality, it is a challenge for us. There are lots of emerged tips on how to far away from the deficiency of weight’s problem.



First of all, we don’t eat the junk food because it has more carbohydrate, calories who don’t burn our extra fats. It increased our insulin resistance. It causes our quite weight.

If you are eating something in excess amount then you shouldn’t take rest because if you will do nothing at that time then you can suffer from low meditation, quite fats, and carbohydrates.



  • You should do balance diet and physical exercise to maintain your body.
  • You should eat the food in the front of the mirror. The mirror indicates that how to take proper or enough diet.
  • If you are not able to walk in the morning then you can dance on your familiar or admired songs. It is helpful to weight loss in an effective way.

You are going to gym and somebody says you wrong words then you take it in a positive sense. It will make you positive.

We also reduce our inactiveness through these following steps:



  • Don’t use phone or mobile in an excess amount. We play outdoor games except for indoor games.
  • If you must decide to reduce the weight then you fully concentrate to own business that is how to reduce or lose the quite weight.
  • To control your self and eat as a limit way.
  • Normally a person eats the food at 3 times in a day nut we eat the food 5 to 6 times in little amount. It consumes extra fats and carbohydrates and also increases our calories.
  • We generate our calories through to eat cucumber, tomato, bottle guard and so one.

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