Father’s day 2018 Best Ideas & Gift to Inspire your father to be fit and strong


Father’s day – a day of the year on which fathers are particularly honored by their children. We all love our father but it’s a day when we do something more good than usually days to make happy our father.

There are so many stories of when the first Father’s Day was celebrated. According to the most trustful story, the first Father’s Day was celebrated June 19, 1910, in Washington. A girl Sonora Smart Dodd thought honoring and celebrating her father. She realized that
mothers get more compliments & honor than fathers whereas father also equally deserve a day of praise.

Father's day

In India, father’s day is celebrated like kids give gifts to their father – greeting cards, coffee mugs or books etc. Father’s Day is not celebrated in all over India, father’s day is only celebrated in some cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, and others. The event is not a public holiday. In the India father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June of every year.

This Father’s Day will be a perfect opportunity for you to give all the love and sweetness.

This father’s day StatusHood.com love to suggest to you that Inspire your father to be fit and strong, give your father the gift of health.

Father's day

Convince Your Father for Joining Gym or taking Exercise at Home or Park

We all can see that due to completing our wishes & needs our parents don’t pay attention towards their health. But Health is a too important factor. In this father’s day, we can convince our father for joining Gym or taking exercise at Home or Park in morning before going to the office. In the gym, your father will get an atmosphere of fitness lover there your father will feel good. Except joining gym these are some activities that can be done at home like – Yoga, Push-ups, Cycling, Plank, squat, Squat Jumps etc.. (Also Read -EXERCISES TO START YOUR PHYSICAL FITNESS JOURNEY)

Gift Some Fitness Equipment on this Father’s day

You can gift your father some fitness equipment like – jump rope, dumbbells, Exercise Ball, Exercise Mat, Body Sculpture Digital Magnetic Figure Twister etc…

Alarm clock – 5 am yoga father

Help to your father to wake in the early morning for taking yoga or going, for walking in the park. You can gift your father an alarm clock, whereby he will able to wake at the time.

Father's day

Give your father accompany while taking exercise

In the starting, it will be great while taking exercises by your father you can help him to do exercise perfectly.

Father's day

as well as gifting all these fitness gifts, you can gift your father some other gifts,

Here are Some Father’s Day gift ideas that are actually useful for your father & your father will definitely love.

A Personalized Cake
You can make this father’s day special by simply a giving personalized Father’s Day cake in his office. or you can give the cake at night by going to your father’s room. your father will be definitely happy & will love you too much.

Beard Trimmer
Your Father can use it for Personal care. A beard trimmer uses for cutting & shape up facial beard. By giving daily uses goods it will be the perfect gift. For an example – If your father has an important meeting or have to go anywhere urgently and he has not more time to go saloon, then a beard trimmer stands in good stead to trim the thickest beard in a short time.

Father's day

Photo Session
creating memories will be the best ways to celebrate father’s day. family photo session can be a great idea. You can do a photo session to make it memorable.

Wrist Watch
Pick up a wonderful piece of the wristwatch for your dad.

gift him a new wallet to keep his money and some id’s card etc.

Give time gift – Spend time with your father
The best gift that Dad can ask for is some time with his family.you can visit with your father on a picnic. Choose your dad’s favorite park or a spot by a nearby lake. Make some tasty meals because Any time with your dad that involves delicious food is time well spent.

Father's day

Except for all this activity While giving gifts to your dad you can say some inspired lines whereby your father will be happy to listen & love you too much – “To the world, you are a dad. To me, you are the world.”

The World’s best gift give respect, care, and love to your father it will be a beautiful & great gift than all the material gift.

Statushood.com Wishes you Happy Father’s Day, We bless that your father Keeps always Happy & Fit.


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