Opening a startup sounds really handy, profitable and a cup of tea for everyone. There are very few start-up founders who believe that a startup is not only a startup but it’s a problem solver for society and is able to make a good impact on it.


Ms. Prasidhi Aneja the founder of a new startup ‘DelhiDabba’ thinks the same. DelhiDabba a Dabba (tiffin) providing company is not an ordinary tiffin providing company. DelhiDabba is one step ahead than other Dabba providers in Delhi because it’s a tech Dabba company. Where other tiffin providers are just providing tiffins just by making a phone call, DelhiDabba has its own website too from where you can order your meal. Very soon DelhiDabba’s mobile application is also coming so you can know the menu for dinner, lunch, and breakfast on it or on the website. Apart from providing tiffins DelhiDabba also provides other services like food catering, corporate buffets, birthday and kitty parties.

In this megacity every outsider, either it’s a student or a working man, is looking for healthy fresh food. DelhiDabba is a solution for all of them. Just go to the website, app (coming soon) or call and order your tiffin and the delivery boy will be there in a short span of time. Just like other junk food delivery companies who deliver food, DelhiDabba will do the same, but this time you’ll be ordering healthy and organic food.


The main USP of DelhiDabba is that it’s also empowering women and asking them to make food for those who need. This way women are getting exposure to new opportunities and business.

DelhiDabba also has tie-ups with various NGO’s where it provides food to its kids, so the kids get nutrition and essential vitamins. When we had a chance to talk to Ms. Prasidhi Aneja, the founder of DelhiDabba she said that ”hygienic and healthy food is not an option to someone, it’s a need”. In Delhi, People struggle for good food more than struggling for a job, to all those people who are looking for healthy and organic meal DelhiDabba is like a boon to them.


This startup came in the market in January and it’s already serving in a lot of prestigious media houses and organizations. The founder Prasidhi Aneja told us that ‘‘in its initial stage it’ll just be in Delhi but soon, it’ll expend itself in tier to cities’’.


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