Big Boss 11 is in last days and now it is extremely grasping the attention of all the small screen celebrities. Big Boss 11’s followers list goes on from Kishwer Merchantt to Gauahar Khan, actors are having an eye on all the ups and lows of all the contestants; on their action and reactions and all of it is much expressed on twitter with hashtag, #bb11. Recently Kritika Kamra too has dived inside in this chain of followers of Big Boss 11 and after being able to “catch #bb11” she expressed much of her views on last night’s episode.

Recently Kritika Kamra uttered her support for Vikas Gupta, with whom she has worked in Channel V’s ‘The Serial’, by tweeting, “Managed to catch #bb11 .Good to see @lostboy54 back in form. And it was cute when he said “I haven’t seen this ever.” It’s true. He has earned good will from people in the industry but it’s NOW that he will see popularity like a “celebrity” #bravo.

Big Boss 11 statushood

It’s interesting to see the twists and turns in the house, from adding the neighbourhood flavour, which though dropped the ratings of show, to recent live voting scene; as it’s in final laps, celebrities, Shilpa Shinde, Luv Tyagi, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan, after going through a lot of fights and friendships of past 15 weeks, are facing a competition at its extreme edges. The fights are getting aggressive and fierce as now each and every player is playing for his or her own self. The friendship could be seen fading away and from past few weeks things were getting rough for Vikas Gupta. He seems to have lost his buoyancy, especially in his competition to Luv Tyagi.

Big Boss 11 statushood

It’s only in the last night’s occurrence when Vikas Gupta was excitingly telling how insanely the fans were acting. That’s when old Vikas Gupta was seen stepping back into the competition. This is what Kritika articulated as “cute”, in her tweet.

This happened after participants arrived back into the big boss house from InOrbit Mall of Vashi in Mumbai, where they had gone for LIVE voting, which was put into action for elimination. The flood of fans was as insane and enormous as #bb11 itself and players were inundated by such a warm atmosphere. Everyone knows that, Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan were already a celebrity on front; it was much astonishing for Vikas Gupta though, who has always remained at the back of the cameras. It’s there in when Kritika Kamra’s producer friend actually experienced his “I haven’t seen this ever” moment.

Big Boss 11 statushood

Indeed, Kamra’s tweet could be taken as affirmative, as it indeed seemed that the producer enjoyed the warmth he got from his followers being a celebrity.

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Written by Ritika Peace


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