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Uber Cab Driver Goldy Singh is one of the best person on this planet accordingly as he is there to spice things up with his knowledge. He runs a technology and motivational channel with a spice of comedy. As we all know that these days blogging has become a source of income for many people. Many people are earning just because of youtube and then there is this man who doesn’t do this for money, rather he inspires people with his daily videos. Nowadays Technical guruji is one of the best channels on youtube when it comes to reviewing the product, but this man has some fire in him.

The man with a golden heart runs uber cab and serves the people with delicious food and beverages. Tea, coffee, juice are included in beverages.

There is a saying that if you are in trouble, just find a Sikh and he will help you in the best possible way. This man just proves the statement right as he takes the required passengers to Gurudwara. His fun-loving nature, caring attitude towards passengers makes him special.

The Uber cab driver lessons of humanity are one of the best, that we can teach to today’s generation and that is available in his videos like ache insan bano.

The Uber cab driver makes informative videos that are related to appliances and electronic product. His video of ‘10 kg weight loss kiya six months Bina dieting, Bina dawaiya, bina food replacement ke! Weight loss’ is one of the sic videos on the internet. Though it has only 7000 views on youtube but this video is enough to change your mindset and you as well.

The channel has about more than thirteen thousand subscribers and the channel started on 23 April 2013 but he uploaded his first some months ago only. The video was about “Real income of ola uber business live 2018.” then after he uploaded some other videos like “Uber ki new surg scheme” and immediately after that he uploaded “Cervical pain problem is very much in driving par Iska solution hai”.The channel has about 1121210 views in total till now.

Though he has only 66 videos in his account but surely he will win everyone’s heart within a short span of time.

Hope Waheguru G keeps his blessings on him and everyone around.

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